Cross Machine Rolls Out First Portable Truck Dumper
   05/2011 Cross Machine Shop recently unveiled it's first portable truck dumper -- the first of its kind made in the United States.

   The dumper, which is a piece of machinery designed to empty the contents from trailers. The portable dumper is the end result of nearly a year of work. The portable dumper is entirely made and designed in the United States.

   The material came from Isaacson Structural Steel, a company from Westbrook provided the hydraulic equipment, much of the design was done in house and it was entirely assembled at the machine shop.

   There are other portable truck dumpers on the market, but not like this one Designed Exclusively by Cross Machine.

   The truck dumper consists of two main pieces, and takes a couple of hours to assemble, once it arrives at a job site, all of the railings; supports; and other components are all collapsible.

   "It's got a lot of potential because it's so portable."

   The dumper is designed so the loads removed from the trailers don't need to be cleared away constantly. The machine can dump about three loads before the material needs to be cleared away.

   Another benefit, is that it's powered by an onboard hydraulic engine and doesn't require an additional power source.

   The whole system within the dumper is hydraulically operated.
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